The Devil's Mate

From the original B-17G-1-BO production run of the G model at the Seattle plant, No. 42-31108, "Devil's Mate," was delivered to the Army Air Force on September 20, 1943 and then sent to Harvard Army Air Base in Nebraska on October 4. It was assigned to the 709th Bomb Squadron, and part of the original transit of the group to Rattlesden on November 21, 1943.

Devil's Mate flew just seven missions, before being downed by fighters on January 29, 1944 enroute to Frankfurt. Lt. C. M. Allen and his crew were lost. 

Combat Missions:

No. Date Target Pilot
1 12/24/43 NOBALL NO. 50 DROINVILLE Lt. Harris
2 12/30/43 LUDWIGSHAFEN McKay
4 01/04/44 KIEL Hodges
5 01/05/44 MERIGNAC McGuire
7 01/11/44 BRUNSWICK McGuire
10 01/24/44 FRANKFURT Kruezer
11 01/29/44 FRANKFURT Allen