Linda Sue

A B-17G-105-BO from Seattle, delivered to the USAAF on 11 November 1944, the record of this aircraft is incomplete and confused. Apparently she was assigned to the 388th Bomb Group, and later transferred to the 447th at an unknown date.  She was given the call sign "N" with the 708th Squadron, but may have also carried the call sign "E" with the 710th.  There are no photographs showing this later configuration.

Her disposition is also in question -- Freeman states in B-17 Flying Fortress Story that she was returned to the U.S. and scrapped at Kingman, while Paul Andrews' Mighty Eighth Bits & Pieces Project lists her as being designated for salvage in August 1945, but not as part of the Reclamation Finance Corporation inventory.

In the photo above, taken sometime after February 1945, the aircraft still carries the Square-H of the 388th Bomb Group on the wing, but has the Square-K of the 447th on the tail.  The name Linda Sue has not yet been painted on her nose.  Mission tally is 20 or less.

Over target, around the same date as the photo above.

On the ground at Rattlesden, after 39 missions

On 14 April 1945, Lt. Ernest Gulick landed Linda Sue near Lonrai, France while returning from a mission to the Royan area.  There is little mention of the event in group records.  It is assumed that crew and aircraft returned to base.