phaneuf Crew

Photos and details provided by Charles Meshel

The Phaneuf crew 
before deployment
September 1944

Standing, L-R:
Cpl Robert Sappington
Cpl Robert Outlaw
Cpl Joseph Swyka
Cpl Charles Meshel
Cpl __ Walker
Cpl Richard Hunsbrucher

Kneeling, L-R:
Lt. Robert K. Phaneuf
Lt. Robert L. Johnson
F/O Carl Dossenbach
F/O Brown (reassigned)

The Phaneuf crew 
Rattlesden, undated

Standing, L-R:
Sgt Joe Swyka
Lt Robert Johnson
F/O Carl Dossenbach
Lt Robert K. Phaneuf
Sgt Robert Outlaw
Kneeling, L-R:
Sgt Charles Meshel
Sgt Robert Sappington
Sgt Richard Hunsbrucher

From the time he arrived at Rattlesden, 
Sgt Charles Meshel, ball turret gunner,
began drawing his crewmates and others.  
A few of his drawings are included below.