Roll of Honor

The following list of individuals is by no means complete, but lists those killed in action according to Missing Air Crew Reports as compiled in the Mighty Eighth Bits & Pieces Project and those known through other confirmed sources.  Many more lost their lives under circumstances which did not lead to the creation of an MACR file, or returned to Rattlesden but did not survive wounds received in combat.  Our research is ongoing, and we will strive to include all in this list.

Sgt Arthur J. Adams, 01/01/45
2Lt Chester Adams, Navigator 03/11/44  
Lt Junior M. Adams, Pilot 11/04/44
Sgt Charles R. Agantovich, Ball Turret 11/30/44
Lt Clyde H. Allen, Pilot 01/29/44
Maj Wilbur C. Allen Jr, Copilot 11/02/44
2Lt William H. Allen Jr, Navigator 04/29/44
Sgt William A. Altekruse, Tail Gunner 02/04/44
2Lt Clarence V. Anderson, 04/12/44
2Lt Elvin L. Anderson Jr, Navigator 01/08/45
2Lt Vernon E. Arnold , Copilot 04/29/44
S/Sgt Lloyd J. Arthur, Ball Turret 04/29/44
Sgt Eugene F. Baillie, Ball Turret 02/04/44
Sgt Arthur R. Baker, Tail Gunner 05/20/44
S/Sgt Henry L. Baker, Top Turret 06/14/44
Sgt Robert R. Barnes, Right Waist 02/04/44
2Lt Howard N. Barr, Copilot 04/29/44
Lt Bruce F. Bates, Pilot 12/30/44
S/Sgt Millard A. Bell, Top Turret 11/04/44
Lt Fred S. Bell Jr, Bombardier 02/04/44
S/Sgt Ralph R. Bender, Ball Turret 03/03/44
S/Sgt Edward W. Bennett, Tail Gunner 08/27/44
S/Sgt George R. Bentley, Tail Gunner 04/29/44
T/Sgt Andrew Bezak, Top Turret 11/25/44
Sgt Isaac M. Birdsong Jr, Ball Turret 01/08/45
Lt. Norman Bishusky 03/27/44

FO Edward A. Blattner Jr, Bombardier 03/09/45
SSGT John C Bodenhoffer 03/27/44
2Lt William R. Boggess, Bombardier 01/05/44
Cpl Lawrence K. Bonk, Top Turret 11/02/44
2Lt Maurice G. Bourret, 01/29/44
Lt Hugh C. Bowers, Pilot 08/27/44
Lt Charles H. Bowman, Copilot 01/11/44
S/Sgt James R. Boyd, Ball Turret 04/29/44
2Lt Marvin L. Brawer, Navigator 11/30/44
2Lt Edwin G. Breaw, Navigator 11/04/44
Sgt Floyd L. Broman, Right Waist 06/29/44
S/Sgt Clarence Brown, Right Waist 05/12/44
2Lt John L. Brown, Navigator 02/13/44
Sgt William Brown, Ball Turret 11/02/44
S/Sgt Lynn R. Brown Jr, Right Waist 03/03/44
S/Sgt Francis N. Brownson, Radio Operator 04/29/44
2Lt Charles H. Bruckman, Pilot 03/09/45
S/Sgt Lawrence T. Bulgarel, Right Waist 02/28/44
Cpl George A. Bulgarelli, Ball Turret 10/07/44
S/Sgt Thomas E. Burke, Ball Turret 06/29/44
2Lt Raymond H. Buthe, Pilot 11/30/44
Lt Robert C. Calef Jr, Pilot 09/26/44
2Lt Thomas Cameron, Navigator 11/13/43
Sgt Cecil R. Campbell, Observer 03/15/45
2Lt James A. Campbell, Navigator 02/06/44
Lt Richard G. Carver, Navigator 12/24/44
2Lt Franklin R. Chaimson, Copilot 04/27/44
S/Sgt Clyde G. Chastain, Ball Turret 05/24/44
Lt Walter I. Chudleigh Jr, Bombardier 03/16/44
2Lt Arthur L. Clark, Copilot 02/06/44
Lt Guy E. Cole, Bombardier 12/24/44
2Lt James M. Coleman, Copilot 12/31/43
Sgt John A. Collette Jr, Radio Operator 03/09/45
Sgt John C. Collins, Right Waist 11/04/44
Capt Lyman I. Collins Jr, Pilot 02/04/44
S/Sgt Sandy Conti, Top Turret 04/29/44
FO Robert G. H. Cordell, Bombardier 12/30/44
2Lt Willard B. Corley, 03/27/44
Sgt Ralph B. Corning, Tail Gunner 11/30/44
2Lt Clifford W. Coultas, Copilot 02/13/44
2Lt Harold Cramer, Copilot 04/19/45
Sgt Hugh O. Crimmins, Ball Turret 06/19/44
T/Sgt John C. Cunningham Jr, 03/27/44
S/Sgt John C. Curby, Left Waist 02/28/44
2Lt Robert M. Dalby, Copilot 05/13/44
Sgt Earl M. Danhour, Tail Gunner 12/30/44
2Lt John O. Dargacz, Bombardier 11/02/44
Sgt Eugene Darter, Tail Gunner 11/13/43
Sgt Roy G. Davis, Ball Turret 12/30/44
2Lt Sherrill A. Davis, Navigator 11/02/44
S/Sgt Walter J. Degutis, Radio Operator 06/29/44
Lt Nicholas F. Dekonina, Bombardier 05/12/44
Sgt Anthony R. DeMarco, Radio Operator 11/30/44
Sgt John P. Dewberry, Ball Turret 11/04/44
2Lt VElmer M. Diefe, Copilot 03/15/45
2Lt Lowell A. Doan, Bombardier 12/30/43
Sgt Richard Doerk, Waist Gunner 11/13/43
2Lt James P. Doster, Copilot 08/27/44
2Lt Charles R. Dowler, Pilot 04/29/44
2Lt Karol S. Dubiel, Navigator 03/03/44
2Lt Daniel Duffin, Bombardier   11/13/43
Sgt George Dunger, Waist Gunner 11/13/43
S/Sgt Bernard A. Duwel, Top Turret 06/29/44
S/Sgt Paul E. Eberhardt, Ball Turret 01/05/44
Capt Earl E. Ellis, Navigator 02/04/44
2Lt Joseph Esper, Copilot 11/02/44
S/Sgt Edward Evans, Tail Gunner 03/15/45
Sgt Augustus Farmer, Tail Gunner 11/13/43
T/Sgt Daniel J. Fasanello, Radio Operator 03/11/44
Lt Donald N. Fehrenbach, Bombardier 09/26/44
Lt Richard E. Fouts, Pilot 02/28/44
2Lt Thomas H. Freeman, Copilot 11/02/44
S/Sgt John B. Frisbie, Ball Turret 04/29/44
T/Sgt Louie J. Fugazi, Top Turret 11/02/44
2Lt Floyd Fuller, Copilot 11/13/43
Capt John H. Galey, Navigator 11/02/44
S/Sgt HElmer W. Gangestad , Ball Turret 03/15/45
Pfc Basil Garroa, Radio Operator 11/13/43
Sgt Claude E. Gatlin, Right Waist 03/15/45
2Lt David J. Gerrits, Copilot 06/19/44
2Lt Ivan M. Gerwig, Copilot 03/09/45
S/Sgt Charles E. Gessert, Left Waist 03/11/44
T/Sgt Milton H. Glantz, Radio Operator 01/30/44
Lt Mark L. Golden, Pilot 06/18/44
SSGT Charles E Gorman 03/27/44
FO John F. Gorman, Navigator 03/09/45
2Lt Harold Gottlieb, Copilot 01/29/44
Lt Francis R. Graham, Pilot 03/03/44
Sgt Simpson B. Gray, Ball Turret 05/20/44
S/Sgt Roy W. Gregory, Radio Operator 12/24/44
T/Sgt Herman J. Grimm, Radio Operator 05/24/44
Sgt Arthur H. Gruneisen, Tail Gunner 06/19/44
Sgt Joseph Guida, Ball Turret 04/29/44
Lt Ashley M. Guynn, Pilot 04/27/44
S/Sgt Isaac R. Guyton, Left Waist 04/29/44
T/Sgt Alfred Haag, Radio Operator 11/13/43
2Lt Frank Haag, Copilot 11/13/43
Cpl Maurice E. Hagler , Ball Turret 11/02/44
S/Sgt Felix C. Hall, Left Waist 03/03/44
T/Sgt John P. Hallmark, Top Turret 11/02/44
S/Sgt Edward R. Hallock, Tail Gunner 03/03/44
2Lt Raymond A. Hansen Jr, Navigator 11/25/44
2Lt Philip H. Harper, Bombardier 11/25/44
S/Sgt Woodrow W. Harper, Top Turret 03/11/44
Sgt John M. Harrison, Ball Turret 01/11/44
T/Sgt John T. Harwell, Top Turret 05/20/44
Sgt Edwin F. Haynia, Right Waist 12/30/44
2Lt William M. Heim, Copilot 05/09/44
LT Joseph C Hendrix, Jr 03/27/44
Lt August E. Herlth, Bombardier 11/02/44
S/Sgt Ernest Hernandez, Tail Gunner 04/27/44
S/Sgt William H. Higgins, Right Waist 01/08/45
2Lt John F. Higgs, Copilot 05/29/44
Sgt Carlton B. Highley, Waist Gunner 03/09/45
S/Sgt Oscar C. Hightower, Left Waist 06/14/44
Sgt Robert H. Hildebrandt, Radio Operator 12/30/44
S/Sgt Barley E. Hill, Right Waist 04/29/44
Cpl Raymond Hodges, Ball Turret Gunner 11/13/43
Sgt John A. Hoegen, Left Waist 04/29/44
Lt William D. Hoffman, Navigator 02/04/44
Sgt Herbert E. Holland, Ball Turret 05/09/44
2Lt William G. Hoyer, Pilot 06/29/44
Sgt Chester V. Hudec, Toggler 06/14/44
Lt Wesley G. Hudson, 03/27/44
Capt George G. Hughes, Copilot 05/12/44
Lt Hayden T. Hughes, Pilot 04/29/44
Lt Leroy Hyder, Pilot 09/11/44
Lt Wray H. Hylton, Navigator 05/12/44
S/Sgt Floyd T. Inman, Tail Gunner 01/29/44
Sgt Douglas J. Irvine, Right Waist 04/29/44
Sgt James M. Isham Jr, Top Turret 03/15/45
Sgt Thomas Iveans, Top Turret 03/09/45
Sgt Costas A. Ivos, Radio Operator 03/15/45
2Lt Rudolph L. Jacob, Navigator 05/29/44
Lt Herschell A. Jarrell, Pilot 01/11/44
Lt Harluf T. Jessen, Pilot 03/15/45
T/Sgt Karl F. Joerger Jr, Radio Operator 02/28/44
S/Sgt Edward J. Johnson, Ball Turret 03/11/44
2Lt Elmer D. Johnson, Pilot 04/29/44
Lt Richard H. Johnson, Bombardier 04/29/44
Donald N Jungenburg 03/27/44
S/Sgt John Karbowsky, Right Waist 09/26/44
2Lt Duane A. Kesterke, Navigator 05/20/44
T/Sgt Richard A. Kiedrowski, 03/15/45
Sgt George R. King, Ball Turret 04/29/44
2Lt Miles S. King, Pilot 12/24/44
Sgt Lorenz Kirchoff, Waist Gunner 11/13/43
T/Sgt Richard A. Kirkorowski, Radio Operator 03/15/45
S/Sgt Clyde R. Klee, 10/02/44
2Lt Fred W. Kleps, Navigator 04/29/44
2Lt George F. Kramer, Bombardier 04/29/44
T/Sgt Paul R. Krubel, Radio Operator
Sgt Louis F. Kubiak, Tail Gunner 12/24/44
Lt Kenneth C. Kuntz, Pilot 02/09/45
2Lt Joseph J. Lamansky, Navigator 12/30/43
Sgt Chester L. Lambert, Right Waist 11/25/44
FO Sherwood W. Landis, Navigator 04/29/44
2Lt Angelo J. Landolfo, Navigator 01/05/44
Sgt Willard F. Laney, Right Waist 06/19/44
T/Sgt Karl R. Laubhan, Top Turret 03/15/45
SSGT Leo A St Laurent 03/27/44
2Lt Wylie W. Leverett, Pilot 12/30/44
Sgt Samuel Levy, Radio Operator 11/02/44
2Lt Eugene A. Lightfoot, Bombardier 06/19/44
S/Sgt Darrell R. Lincks, Right Waist 03/11/44
2Lt Ralph F. Lindeman, Copilot 02/10/44
Sgt William M. Lindsey, Radio Operator 12/30/44
S/Sgt John R. Linkus, Left Waist 02/13/44
Sgt Arthur L. Litchfield, Radio Operator 11/25/44
T/Sgt Clyde F. Lockhart, Top Turret 01/29/44
Sgt Billy T. Lockman, Ball Turret 04/29/44
S/Sgt Elbert H. Lohr, Bombardier 02/09/45
T/Sgt Arthur J. Lombardo, Radio Operator 02/04/44
S/Sgt Clyde R. Long, Tail Gunner 02/25/44
2Lt Wynne M. Longeteig, Bombardier 04/29/44
S/Sgt Dominick R. Lorusso, Top Turret 04/27/44
S/Sgt Robert G. Lutes, Right Waist 02/13/44
2Lt Raymond R. Maguire, Bombardier 05/29/44

Sgt James B. Mannon, Right Waist 12/24/44
Sgt John J. Marabito, Tail Gunner 04/29/44
2Lt John Marslond, Navigator   11/13/43
Sgt Joe H. Marlowe, Bombardier 12/06/44
S/Sgt Frank J. Martin, Ball Turret 09/26/44
FO Lewis P. Martner, Bombardier 07/20/44
2Lt Julian Matin, Navigator 05/09/44
2Lt Adger S. Matthews, Navigator 04/29/44
Lt Ross M. McCollum, Bombardier 11/04/44
S/Sgt Joseph F. McDermott, Left Waist 01/29/44
S/Sgt Bernard J. McDonald, Left Waist 05/12/44
FO Louis N. McGranahan , Copilot 06/14/44
2Lt Robert E. McGuire, Copilot 11/04/44
2Lt John C. McKinney III, Bombardier 05/09/44
S/Sgt William J. McQuoid, Tail Gunner 05/12/44
T/Sgt Earl W. Merritt, Top Turret 03/16/44
FO Robert J. Mihovich, Copilot 12/30/44
T/Sgt George Miller, Top Turret 08/27/44
T/Sgt Galen E. Miller Jr, Top Turret 09/26/44
2Lt Theodore A. Milton, Pilot 06/19/44
S/Sgt Gene W. Minton, Tail Gunner 05/24/44
T/Sgt William P. Mitchell, Radio Operator 05/29/44
FO George E. Mixon , Navigator 12/30/44
TSgt Alton E. Moore , Radio Operator 03/06/44
2Lt Leonard J. Moore, Bombardier 08/27/44
2Lt Bert Moran, Pilot 05/29/44
FO Keith Morgan, Navigator 06/14/44
2Lt Gilligan Moseley, Bombardier 11/13/43
2Lt Charles J. Moses, Pilot 11/02/44
Sgt Vasilios Mourles, Tail Gunner 04/29/44
S/Sgt Edwin J. Mulhall, Tail Gunner 02/10/44
S/Sgt James V. Murphy, Top Turret 04/29/44
FO Herbert W. Nachman , Copilot 12/30/44
S/Sgt William C. Nicholas, Right Waist 05/24/44
S/Sgt Edward J. Noga, Ball Turret 08/27/44
2Lt Charles O. Norris, Copilot 11/30/44
Sgt George Oakley, Waist Gunner 11/13/43
T/Sgt Marvin C. Olson, Ball Turret 11/25/44
FO Allen G. O'Neal Jr, 01/01/45
Sgt Lawrence A. Ornato, Tail Gunner 11/04/44
2Lt Charles H. Oulehla, Bombardier 05/20/44
S/Sgt Edward R. Overbeck, Radio Operator 01/08/45
Lt Herbert W. Overdorf, Pilot 03/11/44
2Lt William E. Owens, Pilot 05/09/44
Sgt Clair E. Palm, Right Waist 12/30/44
T/Sgt Rudolph Palumbo, Radio Operator 05/12/44
2Lt Nick G. Pantages, Bombardier 03/11/44
2Lt Elbridge M. Park, Navigator 02/28/44
2Lt George A. Pasvanis, Navigator 08/27/44
S/Sgt Joseph S. Pennock, Tail Gunner 04/29/44
SSGT James E Penwell 03/27/44
FO Kenneth G. Perry, Bombardier 11/25/44
2Lt Harry P. Pettit Jr, Copilot 02/28/44
Lt Jerome Peyser, Copilot 02/04/44
S/Sgt Harry E. Pfautz, Bombardier 03/15/45
Sgt John R. Piccardo, Tail Gunner 03/15/45
Lt Ralph Pittman, Bombardier 05/24/44
2Lt Leo Pokrywka, Copilot 12/24/44
Sgt Leroy M. Potter, Tail Gunner 05/09/44
T/Sgt Roger M. Potwin, Radio Operator 07/20/44
S/Sgt Henry E. Pruett, Radio Operator 03/03/44
S/Sgt Gerald A. Pryme, Right Waist 11/02/44
T/Sgt William A. Purcell Jr, Radio Operator 08/27/44
Lt Don E. Ralston, Pilot 03/03/44
Lt Allen S. Reed, Pilot 02/06/44
Sgt Robert C. Reinartson, Ball Turret 03/15/45
Sgt Kenneth P. Reynolds, Radio Operator 11/25/44
Capt William A. Reynolds, Pilot 11/02/44
Sgt Dewey L. Rhoads, Left Waist 06/19/44
2Lt John F. Riddell, Navigator 06/29/44
T/Sgt Joyce C. Riddlehoover, Top Turret 03/03/44
S/Sgt John J. Roberts, Radio Operator 11/04/44
Cpl Morris Rosen, Tail Gunner 11/02/44
Sgt Alphonse L. Rossetti, Left Waist 01/11/44
S/Sgt John J. Roth, Ball Turret 01/11/44
S/Sgt Harry Sarajian, Ball Turret 02/10/44
Sgt Earl Schalk, Engineer 11/13/43
S/Sgt John T. Schomburger, Left Waist 05/20/44
Sgt Robert E. Schooling, Right Waist 01/11/44
2Lt Julian Y. Schrero, Pilot 12/30/43
S/Sgt Gustave Secunda, Radio Operator 05/20/44
S/Sgt Jack T. Seeger, Top Turret 05/09/44
Maj Lloyd W. Sheppard, Mission Pilot 02/04/44
Sgt Kenneth U. Shimp, Right Waist 04/29/44
Sgt Edwin A. Sieniarecki, Left Waist 05/09/44
S/Sgt Edgar L. Sikes, Top Turret 06/19/44
T/Sgt Howard E. Sikes, Radio Operator 01/29/44
2Lt Lowell F. Simmons, Copilot 06/21/44
2Lt Ralph R. Simon, Pilot 05/24/44
FO Arthur N. Skarsten , Bombardier 10/07/44
T/Sgt Martin B. Slattery, Top Turret 11/13/43
T/Sgt Raymond J. Small, Radio Operator 04/29/44
2Lt Charles C. Smith, Navigator 02/09/45
S/Sgt Oren M. Smith, Left Waist 01/30/44
S/Sgt John R. Smither, Radio Operator 01/11/44
S/Sgt Thomas E. Sproat, Tail Gunner 04/29/44
S/Sgt Leo A. St Laurent, 03/27/44
S/Sgt Nathan M. Stark, Right Waist 08/27/44
Sgt Lawrence L. Steinhafel, Left Waist 04/29/44
S/Sgt Robert M. Stephens, Top Turret 03/15/45
2Lt Robert C. Stevenson, Copilot 04/29/44
2Lt Marvin B. Stokes, Navigator 06/19/44
Sgt Allan B. Swem, Right Waist 03/15/45
2Lt Joseph J. Syoen, Copilot 06/29/44
2Lt Thomas M. Tate Jr, Bombardier 01/11/44
S/Sgt Wilbur R. Teapole, Right Waist 12/31/43
2Lt Joseph M. Teixeira Jr, Navigator 05/24/44
2Lt Leo Teplitz, Copilot 03/11/44
2Lt Leonard Thiesen, Pilot 11/13/43
T/Sgt John H. Thomas, Top Turret 04/27/44
T/Sgt John H. Thomas Jr, Top Turret 04/27/44
S/Sgt Wayne S. Thompson, Tail Gunner 09/26/44
Sgt Edwin R. Thornton, Left Waist 06/29/44
Sgt James I. Tiffany, Top Turret 12/30/44
Sgt James L. Toler, Top Turret 12/30/44
Sgt Benjamin D. Torre, Tail Gunner 12/30/44
S/Sgt Kerwin G. Tozier, Left Waist 05/24/44
T/Sgt John F. Trauman, Top Turret 02/04/44
S/Sgt Walter W. Trettin, Top Turret 12/24/44
T/Sgt Dee L. Troxell, Radio Operator 12/30/43
T/Sgt Ted J. Troy, Top Turret 12/31/43
2Lt Edward Tully, Copilot 05/24/44
2Lt James S. Tyson, Bombardier 02/13/44
T/Sgt John Urdia, Top Turret 05/24/44
2Lt Peter Vitclano, Navigator 03/03/44
FO Charles S. Voyles , Copilot 11/25/44
S/Sgt Edmund P. Walasinski, Left Waist 02/10/44
T/Sgt Arthur W. Watt, Radio Operator 04/29/44
S/Sgt Joe Wayne , Right Waist 03/03/44
Sgt Raymond Wehner, Ball Turret Gunner 11/13/43
2Lt Carroll O. Welt Jr, Copilot 03/03/44
Sgt Norman L. Wert, Tail Gunner 01/08/45
Sgt Bill Wheeler, Ball Turret 12/30/44
S/Sgt Everett W. White, Right Waist 05/20/44
Capt Lester White, Pilot 11/13/43
Lt Norman K. Wiggin, Pilot 11/25/44
2Lt Thomas G. Wilkins, Bombardier 02/06/44
T/Sgt Roy E. Williams, Top Turret 05/12/44
T/Sgt Billy J. Wilmurth, Top Turret 02/28/44
S/Sgt Raymond Wilson , Right Waist 01/11/44
Sgt Norbert S. Wipijewski, Right Waist 11/02/44
2Lt Frank N. Wiseman, Navigator 03/15/45
T/Sgt Frank T. Witek, Top Turret 07/20/44
2Lt David P. Wohl Jr, Bombardier 03/03/44
2Lt Edwin D. Wright, Pilot 05/12/44
T/Sgt John J. Zebuski, Radio Operator 02/10/44
T/Sgt Walter J. Zesut, Top Turret 04/29/44
S/Sgt Daniel F. Zullo, Top Turret 01/05/44
2Lt William Zurynetz, Tail Gunner 01/11/44
2Lt Harold B. Delong, Bombardier 01/29/1944